TAS nomination update - 아직 오픈 전, 여러 pathway로 복잡하게 변경됨, ROI 새로 생김

posted Jul 25, 2022


Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program Update 22 July 2022

Revised visa nomination requirements for 2022-23

Details of the revised requirements for state visa nomination for the 2022-23 program year are now available on the Migration Tasmania website .

The requirements will come into effect once we receive confirmation from the Australian Government on our nomination allocation for 2022-23.

The 2022-23 Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program will open once the allocation is finalised and will be advised on through our website and news updates.

Key features of the 2022-23 program

For graduates

 o   No course or occupation restrictions or mandatory employment requirements.

 o   Permanent pathway for PhD students.

For skilled employees

o   An expanded list of occupations and employment eligible for permanent subclass 190  visa nomination.

o   No occupation requirements for subclass 491.

o   Inclusion of part-time employment to meet work experience requirements.

o   Subcontractors with a related skills assessment included in skilled employment pathway.


For business operators

o   Extension of qualifying business operation time from six to twelve months for business operations which commenced after 15 April 2022.

o   Introduction of a new personal business income requirement, set at a minimum 80% of TSMIT (i.e., $43 120).


For long-term residents

o   A new nomination pathway for candidates who have lived in Tasmania for an extended period and established themselves in employment or business.

o   Qualifying residence period of at least three years for permanent subclass 190 visa nomination, or two years for the provisional subclass 491 visa.

o   Business operators will be eligible for subclass 190 nomination if they have lived in Tasmania for two years, and run their eligible business successfully for two years.


For overseas candidates

o   No occupation restrictions where a candidate has a job offer.

o   More invitations to apply for nomination from Skillselect where candidates have skills needed by Tasmanian businesses.

o   New industry skills-needs profiles to help potential candidates tailor their Skillselect EOI to increase chances of invitation.

For all candidates:.

o   Simplified eligibility requirements.

o   Invitation only - candidates will be able to register interest in Tasmanian nomination in the Migration Tasmania Gateway if they meet the minimum eligibility requirements, and the most competitive will be able to apply for nomination.

o   More clearly defined exclusions and exceptions regarding employment and business roles and location of dependants.

o   Clear sets of published priority attributes, describing the additional characteristics needed to be competitive. Only those candidates that meet the competitive threshold will be invited to apply for nomination. These attributes will include:

§  duration and industry of employment
§  employment in skilled roles which are critical to the Tasmanian economy
§  connections between employment, skills assessment and study
§  rate of salary compared with the Australia average and median
§  nature, level and duration of Tasmanian study
§  completion of work placements related to study
§  graduate employment offers
§  duration and success of business operation
§  level of business investment, turnover and local employment
§  length of residence in Tasmania
§  English language ability
§  location, length of residence, employment and skills of dependants.

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478 ACT interim nomination allocation 2022.08.10 33
477 491 비자 승인 (WA, Chef) 2022.08.05 49
476 190 영주권 승인 (NSW, RN) 2022.08.03 54
475 485 졸업생비자 승인 2022.08.03 25
474 491 비자 승인 (VIC, Chef) 2022.08.03 40
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